2017 NABBA Mr Universe Champion & IFBB Pro


About Shaun

I've always loved sport, as a child I couldn't wait for PE to play any sport possible, my competitive streak was there for everyone to see at a very young age.

When I attended secondary school at the age of 11 it became apparent that I was very good at rugby which was my schools primary sport. I had county trials and was selected to play for Middlesex, I then went on to play for London, then South East England and then on to have England trials at the age of 16.

During this time I was always in the gym to keep fit for rugby, having uncles who were bodybuilders also helped. I was excelling at rugby and I  was tipped to go far. Unfortunately in 1999 I suffered a bad injury to my leg and couldn't quite recover enough to play at the level needed.

I continued to train with weights to help with my rehabilitation and never looked back. I loved the weights and it didn't take long for me to start seeing results. But it wasn't until 2007 that I finally decided to take the plunge and compete.

My competitive history so far is as follows.

UKBFF London & south east first timers champion 2007
UKBFF First timers british champion 2007
UKBFF U90KG champion 2008
IFBB Arnold amateur classic U90KG runner up 2009
UKBFF U90KG British champion 2009
IFBB Toronto pro 202 champion 2011
IFBB Mr Olympia 202 5th place 2011
IFBB Bodypower pro 2nd place 2014
NABBA Pro Mr Universe Winner 2017

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Monday: hours cardio + shoulders, calves.

Tuesday: hours cardio + quads, calves.

Wednesday: hours cardio + chest.

Thursday: hours cardio + back, calves.

Friday: hours cardio + arms, calves.

Saturday: hours cardio + hamstrings.

Sunday: Rest day

2 caps DNA® Lean XY
1 Serving DNA Lean® Amino-XS
500ml mineral water
1 hour cardio

Meal 1) 8.30am
150 grams oats,
6 egg whites,
250 grams steak.
2 caps DNA Lean® CLA

Meal 2) 11.00am
250 grams cod and asparagus,
80 grams basmati rice.

Meal 3) 1.00pm
250 grams cod and asparagus,
80 grams basmati rice.
2 caps DNA Lean® CLA

Meal 4) 3.00pm
250 grams cod and asparagus,
80 grams basmati rice.

Meal 5) 5.00pm
250 grams cod and asparagus,
80 grams basmati rice.
2 caps DNA Lean® Test-FX™

1 serving of DNA Lean® NO-XL™

While training I sip on DNA Lean® Amino-XS™

Meal 6) 8.30pm
220 grams salmon and asparagus.

Meal 7) 1.00pm
2 scoops Protein mixed in water.
2 caps DNA Lean® Test-FX™
2 caps DNA Lean® CLA


Height: 5ft 2in

Off Season Weight: 230lb

Competition Weight: 204lb

Biceps: 21in

Chest: 56in

Waist: 30in

Legs: 30in

Calves: 19in

Neck: 19in

Best Lifts

Squat: 260 kg

Bench press: 220kg

Dead lift: 280kg

shoulder press: 120kg