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Thermo XY Fat Burner for Men

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Thermo XY Fat Burner for Men has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 17 reviews.

Thermo-XY V 2.0:  An evidence-based fat burner that supports the breakdown of adipose tissue

Thermo-XY version 2.0 is a potent "thermogenic fat burner" supplement specifically designed for men, supporting healthy and efficient fat loss as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

Struggling to shed weight, reduce stubborn belly fat, or fine-tune your physique by shedding those last few pounds? Thermo-XY is your go-to solution.

Our advanced formula contains an array of ten scientifically backed ingredients, each one precisely dosed to deliver real results. Together, these ingredients support the normal and efficient breakdown of stored body fat, and as a result support weight loss through multiple pathways.

For instance, naturally occurring compounds in Bitter Orange Peel, such as synephrine, help wiith the breakdown and mobilisation of free fatty acids from stored body at, supporting thermogenesis, and consequently aiding in fat oxidation.

ENXTRA® derived from Alpina galanga, plays a significant role not just in supporting healthy fat, but also aids in alertness, focus and energy levels making it Ideal for those lethargic low carb days. 

Additionally, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide), and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) play crucial roles in energy metabolism, further aiding in fat metabolism.

With that said, we genuinely understand that targeting fat loss is absolutely no easy task, and while Thermo-XY can support you along your way in achieving your fat burning goals, it isn’t some other-worldly cure that instantly incinerates body fat.

Nor do we claim it to be the best fat burning pill in the world that will burn 7 pounds of fat in 1 week. We are however confident that, as with the rest of our customers, you will love it.

Harness the Power of Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis, the production of heat, is key to mobilising body fat. Thermo-XY's carefully dosed natural stimulants enhance this process, and our customers often report an increase in metabolic heat as they lose weight.

Transparency is one of our core values at DNA Lean®. We don’t make outlandish claims like “lose 20 lbs in one week” because that’s simply unrealistic. For optimal weight loss, we recommend using Thermo-XY in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a balanced lifestyle.

This synergy between diet, exercise, and Thermo-XY creates a more effective fat-burning effect than any single factor alone.

Research-driven efficacious ingredients

We believe in full transparency. Our detailed breakdown of each ingredient explains its function and why it’s included, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Unlike illegal fat burners, Thermo-XY contains natural ingredients compliant with UK laws and regulations, ensuring safety and efficacy. Always read the label and use as directed.

Experience the Thermo-XY difference today and take a decisive step towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Directions for use:

Take 1-2 servings per day with water. For optimum results take on an empty stomach. Do NOT take 4 hours before bed. Do NOT exceed stated dose. To assess tolerance initially consume 1 capsule (half a serving) per day.

Notice of Safety:

Only intended for use by persons over the age of 18. Consult a medical practitioner prior to use if you have been treated for or diagnosed with or have a family history of any medical condition, or if you are using any prescription or over the counter drugs, including blood thinners. Discontinue use and consult a medical practitioner if unusual symptoms are experienced.

Serving size: 2 vegetable capsules
Servings per container: 30
DNA Lean Thermo-XY
Amount per serving
Thiamin (Vitamin B1 as Thiamin Mononitrate) 30mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3 as Nicotinamide) 15mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 15mg
Enextra® (Alpina galanga) (rhizome)
Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) 250mg
Vitacholine® (Choline bitartrate)
Caffeine Anhydrous
Gotu Kola Extract (Equivalent to 500mg of herb)
Paradoxine® (Aframomum melegeuta) EXTRACT (Grains of Paradise)
Bioperine® (Piper nigrum) (FRUIT) EXTRACT 5mg


Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) plays a crucial role in energy metabolism by converting carbohydrates into energy. This vitamin supports the efficient breakdown of glucose, providing your body with the necessary fuel for daily activities and exercise. Enhanced glucose metabolism aids in fat burning by ensuring that your body utilises stored fat effectively during physical exertion (Combs, 2008).


Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) is essential for converting food into energy through its role in the production of NAD+ and NADP+, coenzymes that drive metabolic processes. By enhancing cellular energy production, Vitamin B3 helps increase your metabolic rate, promoting greater fat oxidation and energy expenditure during workouts (Murray, 2000).

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) supports energy metabolism by aiding the conversion of glycogen to glucose, which is used for energy. It also plays a vital role in amino acid metabolism and the synthesis of neurotransmitters, helping to maintain optimal energy levels and muscle function during exercise, thereby supporting fat loss (Leklem, 1990).

ENXTRA® (Alpina galanga) (rhizome)
ENXTRA® , derived from Alpina galanga, supports fat burning by way of energy expenditure. The active compounds in Alpina galanga stimulate metabolic rate, enhancing calorie burn throughout the day. This thermogenic effect helps break down stored fat, supporting weight loss and improved body composition (Naghibi et al., 2014).

BITTER ORANGE (Citrus aurantium)
Bitter Orange Extract, standardised to contain at least 12% p-Synephrine, activates beta-3 adrenergic receptors, which increase lipolysis and metabolic rate. This mechanism facilitates the breakdown of fat stores and enhances calorie burning, aiding in weight management and improved physical performance (Stohs et al., 2011).

VITACHOLINE® (Choline bitartrate)
VitaCholine®, a bioavailable form of choline, is crucial for fat metabolism as it supports the transport of fats and cholesterol. Choline aids in the production of acetylcholine, enhancing muscle function and endurance, which indirectly supports fat burning by improving workout efficiency and recovery (Zeisel & da Costa, 2009).

Caffeine Anhydrous stimulates the central nervous system, increasing energy levels and metabolic rate. It promotes the release of adrenaline, which triggers the breakdown of fatty acids from adipose tissue, making them available for energy use. This thermogenic effect enhances fat oxidation and boosts overall energy expenditure during exercise (Graham, 2001).

Gotu Kola Extract supports fat loss by improving circulation and reducing inflammation. Enhanced blood flow ensures efficient nutrient delivery to muscles, supporting recovery and growth. While not a direct fat burner, its benefits in reducing stress and promoting overall health complement a weight loss regimen by enhancing physical performance (Brinkhaus et al., 2000).

PARADOXINE® (Aframomum melegeuta) EXTRACT (Grains of Paradise)
Paradoxine™, extracted from Grains of Paradise, enhances thermogenesis by increasing brown adipose tissue activity. This process boosts energy expenditure and calorie burning, promoting fat loss. Studies show that Paradoxine™ significantly increases metabolic rate, making it a valuable ingredient for supporting weight management (Sugita et al., 2013).

BioPerine® , derived from Piper nigrum, enhances the bioavailability of other nutrients, ensuring maximum absorption and efficacy. It stimulates thermogenesis, boosting metabolic rate and supporting fat burning. By improving nutrient uptake, BioPerine™ amplifies the fat-burning effects of other ingredients, aiding in weight loss and enhanced energy levels (Badmaev et al., 2000).
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Do fat burners really work?

Not all fat burners are equal. They can contain different ingredients and therefore produce different results.

Some fat burners also use 'proprietary blends' whereby they do not disclose the dosage of each individual ingredient. This way the products can be bulked out with cheaper ineffective ingredients while the more expensive and effective ones have just a tiny amount that has no significant effect.

We disclose the dosage of each and every individual ingredient and only use the highest quality and research-backed ingredients.

Our products genuinely work, try them for yourself and see.

Our Top 6 Natural Fat Burning Foods
Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar

The peptide hormone insulin, secreted by the beta cells of the pancreas, is responsible for lowering blood glucose when it gets too high. Every time carbohydrates are ingested, insulin will at some point be secreted by the pancreas in order to reduce blood glucose.

Controlling insulin response is imperative for fat loss as insulin is a hormone that can effectively dump excess glucose into fat cells, ergo increasing body fat.

Cinnamomum burmannii (indonesian cinnamon), was research by Jarvill-Taylor, Anderson, Graves, et al 2001. Their results showed that the extract of this cinnamon, namely Cinnulin PF® (methyl hydroxy chalcone polymer or MHCP), hugely increased glucose metabolism. The conclusion of the study was that this special extract of cinnamon is an effective mimetic of insulin.

Oily fish supports fat burning

Oily fish, such as salmon and mackeral, are typically high in omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and linolenic acid (LA). Many studies agree that these particular types of fatty acids could play an integral role in reducing body fat.

One study in particular, Combining fish-oil supplements with regular aerobic exercise cardiovascular disease risk factors 1, 2, 3 improves body composition, concluded that fish oils reduce body fat and improve cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Raw celery for a colon cleanse

There are several benefits that can be reaped from snacking on raw celery, not only is it packed full of essentials minerals and vitamins, celery is also very very low in calories and a great source of fibre. Even though you don't need to count calories to lose weight, it is still important not to over eat. Why does this matter? Simply put, you can eat a ton of celery without having to worry about consuming too many calories.

Celery also has two useful benefits for fat loss, first; due to its high fibre content its keeps you fuller for longer helping curb cravings for extra food. Second; due to its fibrous structure, celery acts like a natural toothbrush for your colon helping to cleanse and detox your digestive tract.

Grapefruit boosts the metabolism

Grapefruit is especially high in a particular phytonutrient called naringin, which belongs to a very large class of plant pigments known as flavonoids. These vibrant flavonoids are responsible for giving the diverse range of colours to many different plants and vegetables. Flavonoids generally have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions, however studies show that naringin in particular is one of the best fat burning foods that speeds up the metabolism.

Scientists have found that naringin influences key enzymes that contribute to increased fat utilisation, fat metabolism and improved mitochondrial function on patients with metabolic syndrome, obesity, and related cardiovascular complications. We suggest eating at least one large organic grapefruit daily.

Hot peppers to accelerate fat loss through thermogenesis

All peppers of the genus capsicum, namely, bell pepper, chilli peppers, jalepeno peppers and scotch bonnet peppers, all have a high content of capsaicin and other related compounds known as capsaicinoids. Capsicum peppers are rated in potency using the Scoville scale; this is a measure of capsaicin content. Capsaicinoids are known to have a thermogenic effect by increasing body temperature by way of stimulating the metabolism to oxidise fat and thus increase body temperature.

The thermic effect of green vegetables

Green cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage and collard greens, are most definitely worthwhile incorporating in to your diet. These vegetables are naturally high in essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, folate and vitamin C, along with other important micronutrients. Cruciferous vegetables are naturally low in macronutrients and calories and also help support weight loss due to their high fibre content and slow digestion rate.

The energy difference between the energy required to digest these nutrient dense foods (thermic effect), and the amount of energy the foods actually contain, is often negligible. Thus eating a plate full of these particular veggies will provide a ton of healthy nutrients and satisfy hunger pangs without over loading energy requirements.