Personalised Diet Plan
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Personalised Diet Plan

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DNA Lean?

A DNA Lean diet plan is tailored to suit your exact individual needs, and will therefore help you achieve your fitness goals as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Personalised Diet Plan


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*Before you read any further, please note that only four (4) personalised diet plans are availabe each month.

Expertly Crafted Personalised Nutrition That Delivers

Here you can find a personalised diet plan from a seasoned expert nutritionist. Our diet plans are absolutely not derived from a standard cookie-cooker cut and paste template. On the contrary, we do not believe that one size fits all. This is why we individually hand-craft each and every diet plan by fully and properly considering every individual factor that may affect your personal needs and requirements.

Our goal is to maximise the best possible outcome for every one of our clients. We don’t use fancy algorithms or any automated meal planning generators. Every diet plan without exception is formulated by one of our in-house human experts, and then reviewed by the rest of our human team. No stone is left un-turned.

Thus irrespective of your end goal, for example, whether you seek a weight loss diet plan to burn fat, or a bodybuilding diet plan to build lean muscle, we guarantee that you will receive a bespoke diet plan that is optimised for you personally.

Furthermore, we design each bespoke diet plan according to your lifestyle perspective to properly accommodate manageability on a daily basis, and thus allow for sustainability.

After all, healthy eating and optimum nutrition should be a lifestyle and not a diet as such. Short-term results are typically a result of restrictive dieting, whereas our mantra is that of achieving long-term results from habitual and behavioural changes.

Our Process

Of Forumlating a custom diet plan

At DNA Lean, we base our bespoke diet plans on 6 key pillars, which we believe will lead you to success.

1 Lifestyle

The first step of our custom diet plan creation process is to learn all about your lifestyle. Upon completion of your DNA Lean diet plan purchase, you will be directed to our online questionnaire, where we collect detailed information about you regarding your lifestyle, and lots more, which we use as the basis to formulate your custom meal plan.

Lifestyle is a significant factor; variables such as working, training, sleeping patterns etc. Obviously, if you spend your days working on a building site, your calorific requirements will supersede that of a desk-based job, such as a solicitor.

Or perhaps you may have a busy work schedule, hopping around town from one meeting to another. This is an obvious problem for a substantial amount of office-based jobs and can make integrating a structured nutritional plan into your busy and often unpredictable schedule, challenging.

Our approach makes it possible to integrate high quality nutrition that you enjoy, seamlessly into your working day. Meals that are easy to make, and can be consumed on the go to facilitate flexibility and provide you with options that can accommodate for both planned and unforeseen circumstances.

2 Goals

Your personal goal is the most important thing and we commit 100% of our efforts into helping you reach it. Depending on what you aim to achieve, you custom diet plan can vary tremendously. Nutrition centred around weight loss is obviously different to nutrition focused on gaining weight. Thus your diet will be aligned with your goal and daily food intake is calculated accordingly.

3 Food Selection

One key element of a DNA Lean diet plan is to provide you with a varied and balanced diet that not only provides your body with the necessary nutrition, but also satisfies your taste buds. Pleasing your palate is crucial to keep you on track and avoid sugary and un-healthy snacking. This is achieved through the inclusion of many various flavoursome foods and recipes. Furthermore, we also take note of any foods that you may be allergic too, or just can’t eat, for whatever reason.

4 meal portions

In an ideal world, every athlete would eat 6 medium sized meals per day consumed at evenly spaced intervals. However, depending on your circumstances, it may not be possible to eat this often. A DNA Lean personalised diet plan will base your meal plan around your schedule and lifestyle. If there are any times or days in particular where you have less time to eat, this will be reflected in a specific schedule for those particular times/days.

Furthermore, we will also evaluate energy requirements of training days and non-training days and thus adjust your meal portions to suit.

5 Pre & post workout nutrition

What you eat both before and after exercise is fundamental to maximising your performance and recovery. Without the necessary nutrition, your performance, recovery, and thus success will invariably be left at a sub-optimal level.

DNA Lean diet plans are constructed to optimise nutrient timings, food digestion rates, along with addressing any supplementation needs that you may have.

6 Supplementation

The key to any nutrition plan is eating a varied whole food diet that can provide your body with a full complement of essential nutrients. However, it may also be that you could benefit from supplementing with certain products. For example, depending on your protein requirements, a digestive enzyme may be of benefit. Painful and inflamed elbows can also be aided by the addition of specific food supplements. All of these issues will be carefully considered and fully addressed. We will only add in supplements where we feel there is a benefit to be gained.


We understand the confusion associated with finding the right diet to suit your body. You’ve only to do a quick google, and you can see a plethora of different diet plans, each one with its own unique style and characteristics.

  • Ketogenic diet
  • Intermittent fasting diets (IF)
  • Atkins diet
  • Calorie restriction
  • Whole30
  • Master Cleanse
  • healthy diet
  • veganism
  • very-low-calorie-diet
  • Juice fasting
  • Low-carbohydrate diet
  • Low-fat diet

You may wonder which type of diet is best for you.

At DNA Lean diet may use certain aspects or principles from any one of these diets to fulfil your exact requirements and facilitate the according flexibility required to fit into your lifestyle and satisfy your goals. You needn’t worry about a thing; your diet is our responsibility and we take care of everything.


By the best in the game

Our team of dieticians and expert coaches have worked with a whole manner of different clients including various sports persons such as (but not limited to):



There is no hard and fast answer to this question. It’s like asking how long a piece of string is. How long you will be able to follow your new diet before reaching a plateau is difficult to say. That said it also depends on what your goal is. For example, if you’re not preparing for a competition, or don’t have an extreme weight loss goal, rather you just want to improve your health and reduce your body fat, then you may not need further support. Below is the step-by-step process that we follow in order to formulate a one off tailored diet plan. Diet purchase -> Data collection -> Formulation of DNA Lean diet plan ->Q&A-> 1 week bedding in period -> Final consultation with Q&A. As soon as you receive your new diet plan, we ask that you write down any and all questions that you may have and email them to us straight away. We will then answer all of your questions. Additionally, we follow-up your first weeks practical implementation with a 30 minute consultation, answering any further questions that may arise after the first week. After which, your diet and support is complete.
Accordion Sample DescriptionWhen you purchase a custom DNA Lean diet plan, you will be given the option to also subscribe to our monthly coaching service which includes on-going help and support with your diet.The options for this are additional blocks of 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 months which can be arranged into different phases such as a weight loss/cutting phase or a muscle building/weight gain phase. Alternatively you can simply purchase a one-off diet plan.
Our team of dieticians and expert coaches have worked with a whole manner of different clients including various sports persons such as (but not limited to): 
  • Power lifters & Strength athletes
  • The general public
  • People seeking extreme weight loss
  • Bodybuilders
  • Muscular body & Physique competitors
  • The Police & Military
  • CrossFit Athletes
  • Footballers & Team sports athletes
The frequency of check-ins can vary, but we always stipulate a minimum of one weekly check-in, which can usually be done on any day of the week to suit. However some clients prefer to check in as frequently as once per day. That said, for the most part, client check-ins usually occur approximately two times per week.
All communication is primarily done via email. Nevertheless, if a client requires a more detailed answer to a question, or want to further discuss a particular topic or question, phone calls and Skype/video chats can also be accommodated.