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About DNA Lean® sports supplements

UK Sports nutrition for men & women

DNA Lean® sports supplements are designed to give real results to real people. Our innovative range of sports nutrition supplements are designed to be used alongside a balanced whole food diet. We are firm believers that supplements are to be used as "supplements" and not replace a balanced diet. We wont try and sell you anything that we dont believe works. By using the DNA Lean® product range alongside a good eating plan we are more than confident that everyone will achieve their desired results and easily surpass what can be achieved through diet alone. Having taken the UK supplement market by storm in 2012, DNA Lean® has become a national leader in the sports nutrition industry. We believe that a major factor of our success has been in the innovative products and formulas that we have developed. We dont simply put our label on a product that other sports supplements companies are selling. All our products are bespoke to us and designed with the goal of helping our customers achieve their best by fulfilling their potential in their chosen sport or activity. Our flagship weight loss products - DNA Lean® Thermo-XY & Thermo-XX have been dubbed as 'the most potent thermogenic fat burners of all time' and are rapidly becoming one of the most popular fat burning supplements in the UK today!

Our range of products also include other specialised formulas designed to achieve specific goals such as our proprietary Test-FX™ Testosterone booster formula, designed to support testosterone production helping contribute to the maintenance of strength and physical performance, muscle building, and recovery.   Do you need help energising your workouts? Our workout series can definitely help;  No-XL™ is a revolutionary new pre workout supplement designed to help support energy, focus and the all important training pump. No-XL™ takes you one step further by acting as a nutrient delivery system - stack this with Amino-XS BCAA intra workout booster drink and take your workouts to the next level. Amino-XS is designed to help with delay fatigue during your workouts, enabling you train harder for longer while supplying your hungry muscles with high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids and thus helping you maintain an anabolic environment conducive to elevated recovery and muscle growth.

Start using the DNA Lean® sports supplements range and unlock your genetic potential.

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