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At DNA Lean, our mission is to empower everyone (from top athletes all the way through to everyday people) to improve upon their health and well-being through cutting-edge, evidence-based nutritional supplements. We're dedicated to revolutionising the health and fitness industry by providing products that are transparent, effective, and backed by scientific research.

Our commitment extends beyond offering exclusively british made top-tier supplements; we aim to inspire and support our community to achieve their health goals, fostering a culture of scientific thinking, knowledge, and as a result, unwavering trust.

Together, we're rewriting the narrative of what's possible, one healthy achievement at a time. Join us on this transformative adventure toward a stronger, healthier you.

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So Effective, It's The Only Supplement Stack You Can"t Afford To Be Without Experience the full force of DNA Lean with the Men's Super-Stack, the holy trinity of supplement bundles. Combining the benefits of Delta-Mynd, Test-FX, and Thermo-XY. The Men's Super-Stack is designed to optimise your libido, mucle building capabilities,...

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About DNA Lean®

DNA Lean® was forged in 2012, born from the vision of our founder, Paul Jenkins, a former national-level athlete in sprinting and bodybuilding. Spotting a void in the market for goal-specific products, Paul, drawing from personal experience, spearheaded a team that pioneered innovative formulas delivering tangible results.

Our sports supplements, rooted in real-world efficacy, aren't meant to replace a wholesome diet but to complement it. Teaming up with a well-balanced eating plan, DNA Lean® products empower individuals to surpass their goals.

In 2024, we now proudly stand as one of the national leaders in the UK sports nutrition arena. Flagship products like DNA Lean® Thermo-XY® & Thermo-XX® have earned acclaim as 'the most potent thermogenic fat burners of all time,' securing their status among the UK's most sought-after fat-burning supplements.