Natasha McFarlane hits the UKBFF Nationals

Paul Jenkins MSc

UKBFF body fitness 20th April 2014

Hey everyone!
I hope you are all happy, healthy and keeping awesome! :)
Natasha McFarlane DNA Lean sponsored athlete
Well April so far has been a busy month and I'd made my debut with the UKBFF in the National Championships at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester. My first competition of 2014 yay! I'd always wanted to compete in the UKBFF Body Fitness category so when comp day came round I was dead excited to be stepping back on stage.

UKBFF body fitness the Competition

Natasha McFarkane UKBFF body fitness
What an awesome class this was - 20 ladies competed in this class and clearly the UKBFF body fitness judges had a tough decision as they had to take a interval after the long duel on stage to give them time to decide on the placings, keeping us all hanging in suspense, what are they like?! After what seemed like an age of waiting in anticipation, I found out that I unfortunately hadn't made the top 3 :( . Once I get my feedback I'll know what improvements I am required to make in order to improve and next time get that win! As the saying goes "Winners never quit and quitters never win".... how true! Following the competition I'll have a few days to rest then back to my routine. I actually really enjoy my dieting and eating clean. Training and overall competition preparation is also made much more easier due to my DNA Lean supplementation. The great combo of DNA Lean XX and DNA Lean CLA fat burners helps me with my fat burning and also keeps me energised and feeling great! Gone are the days of feeling tired or knackered.

So next stop for the Team and I is Body Power, I hope to see you all there where you can grab your free samples of DNA Lean XY & XX fat burners.

Yours in training,



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