About Kizzy

My name is Kizzy Vaines and I am an IFBB pro fitness competitor from the UK. I come from a background of dance (Tap and Ballet). I have danced from the age of 3 years old. One of my talents in my dance background is contortion in which I incorporate into my fitness routines. I had decided at the age of 22 years old that I had enough of dancing and began to do just fitness and a few weights at a local sports centre. I enjoyed doing this new adventure, but when I met my husband (a amateur competitor bodybuilder) thats when I took it serious and decided to compete in the fitness catagory. This suited me as I came from a dance background and this catagory requires an intense 2 minute routine. My second show was the British Championshipsin which I won and this gained me my pro card.

Here is my competetive pro career :-

2005 IFBB Charlotte pro 12th
2009 IFBB Atlantic City 6th 2009 IFBB Fort Lauderdale 1st
2010 Arnold Classic,Ohio 12th 2010 Olympia 12th
2010 Fort Lauderdale 1st 2011 Olympia 13th
2011 Valentie gold cup pro 4th
2012 Arnold Classic,Ohio 7th
2012 Pittsburgh Pro 2nd
2012 Olympia 10th
2012 Arnold Classic,Europe 9th
2013 Arnold Classic,Ohio 7th
2013 Fibo, Germany 5th
2013 Arnold Classic,Brazil 8th
2014 Arnold Classic,Ohio 10th
2014 Bodypower,UK 13th (figure)
2014 Toronto Pro Show 4th

I am going to take timeout for the rest of 2014. My goals next year is to qualify for the Olympia 2015. I am not sure of which shows I will choose to compete at in order to do this as the list of shows are not released until the end of the year. But I will aim to bring the same package as I did at Toronto if not tighter,as that is whats is required of me to achieve this.

Check Kizzy out on Twitter @ifbbkizzyvaines

Monday: chest

Tuesday: quads, hamstrings and calves

Wednesday: biceps and triceps

Thursday back

Friday shoulders

Weekend off

Training starts at 6.00pm mon to fri

2 caps DNA Lean® XX™
1 Serving DNA Lean® Amino-XS™
500ml mineral water
1 hour cardio

Meal 1) 8.30am
50 grams oats,
3 egg whites + 1 yolk
1 scoop pure protein
2 caps DNA Lean® CLA

Meal 2) 12.00pm
1 skinless chicken breast,
40 grams brown rice,

Meal 3) 3.00pm
1 skinless chicken breast,
40 grams brown rice,
2 caps DNA Lean® CLA

Meal 4) 6.00pm
2 scoops pure protein in water,
50 grams banana

1 Serving DNA Lean® NO-XL™

While training I sip on DNA Lean® Amino-XS™

Meal 5) 9.00pm
50 grams oats,
3 egg whites + 1 yolk
1 scoop pure protein
2 caps DNA Lean CLA

I also drink 4 litres of pure water throughout the day.