Fitness Connection Back Blast

Fitness Connection Back Blast

Paul Jenkins MSc

Ring Ring...

Phones buzzing at 4.30 on Monday afternoon and it's my sponsor Paul Jenkins of DNA LEAN. 'Do ya fancy a workout tonight Kev, i'm gonna be at Fitness Connection at about 7.30 and i'v got some samples of our new Amino-XS BCAA workout drink for you to try out during the workout. 'We can smash back if your up for it'. Absolutely bro, Let's get it on', was my quick fire answer as Paul Jenkins is one of the hardest trainers around and i knew it was gonna entail that good hurt that wakes you up a bit and who am i to refuse, as i knew the sparks were about to ignite. No they really were. My big bowl porridge was whirring venomously around in the microwave as i'd put it in the bowl with the metal stuff engraved in the ceramic pattern, and the sparks were..really flying. Porridge ready after faff, banana on top, handful of blueberries, big dollop of vanilla ice cream melting over it and a swirl of maple syrup. Well c'mon, i'v been on a very tight nutritional plan for what seems like forever so i'm entitled to a day off. Gonna need the extra calories for the blast ahead, and a DNA Lean XY with a DNA Test FX in for good measure. I usually take my test fx before bed, but before a workout is as good a time as any.

Fitness Connection Personal training

A couple of clients in for personal training to put through their paces and then its brutal force followed by more brutal force at Fitness Connection Gym. Firstly i will recruit the services of my trusted friend and physio John Beckett whose just finishing with his clients at the gym. He's pretty good taking snap shots on the camera phone and we can turn this into a nice little blog for the DNA site. Loz usually dons the camera but today is babysitting the grand kids, which she finds far more absorbing than watching a bunch of grown men playing with their toys.

Primed with Amino-XS

Paul arrives promptly and he's accompanied by a monster strong guy called Ram. Yeah the name fits the bill, he's a strong, hard trainer from the Jenkins mould. I'm ready armed with my new BCAAs and the new water melon flavour is absolutely delisciously refreshing, as We congregate around the lat pull down with the T bar attachment and first set is warm up set of about a million reps, with sod all weight which means only one thing, Mentzer/Doz style, high intensity rip yer balls off last set of three, with set two consisting of maximum weight to failure. It's not long before Paul is growling behind you, squeeeze sergant major style...while hanging off the bar aiding forced reps, negatives, burners, continuous tension until ya just don't care if the muscle bellies are gonna burst. Brutal but effective !!

Intensity overload

Ram then takes us over to the long row machine and starts off with a humble half stack for 5 minutes worth of first set warm up reps. Next is another max out set to failure which, in this exercise is a right lung buster. Then comes the final pull with, yeah, you guessed it, forced reps, negatives...bla bla grunt, sweat, tears but no spitting, absolutely not. Ram the power man grinds out a bunch of reps and is gasping a fair bit at this stage and i'm even whiter than Casper, oh yeah, that's normal, and Paul decides to pin another 20 kg plate to the back of the already bulging weight stack. I looked at Ram with that, 'you spot him' look. and....

King of the barbell

deadlifts by team dna lean

So we move on to good old bent over barbell rows with a warm up set, a heavy set to max and then the customary all out end bit. The sheer effort going into every rep is infectious and everyone's got the bug. Big back, squeeze, cmon, echoeing around the now empty gym and all the usual growling cos i'm a caveman shaka shaka (remember that one). One arm dumbell rows followed by three all out sets of ball busting reps with the heaviest dumbell you can pick up. So Rams hanging with about 120lb and my massive 80lber is cutting a cute groove. Then we spot Paul with the biggest thing he could find. A 139lb hunk of iron that he's dragging all over the place in ultra strict form, for rep after rep after rep. Boy is this guy a strong trainer.

Save the best for last - Deadlifts!

Time to move on to the last exercise which is going to be deadlift. Paul and Ram are banging reps out with five hundred lbs and keeping top form. So now it's my turn and after hitting a couple of dozen reps in my first 2 warmup sets, i was ready to rumble my last with a reasonable 3 plater. Straps twisted around the bar, extra tight grip, lock hips down deep, customary growl and extra mean look, then like a mad man gonna rip the skin of the top of the cinnamen dusted rice pudding....Heeeave....the weight never moved a millimeter but my hams were creaking a fair bit. I looked at Paul with that, 'think i'm done today' look. So it's time for a high carb protein shake, a banana and the last inch of DNA Lean new BCAAs that are looking like a very special product at the moment. Get excited, launch date is looming.

Team DNA Lean at Fitnes Connection

Back to basics training style...

Gotta say big thanks to Paul for a fantastic workout, it was a blast and very refreshing after weeks of show prep training. It's back to basics and full steam ahead for the NABBA MR ENGLAND in October...BOOM !!!

Watch this space.

All the best

Kev "Mr. Condition" Taylor 4 x UKBFF Bodybuilding Champion

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