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"Best butt workout to tone and lift your butt - Part 1 "

Starring | IFBB Pro Kizzy Vaines & Natasha McFarlane

"Arnold Classic 2015 - 212lb competitor - IFBB Pro Shaun Joseph Tavernier hits shoulders 3 weeks out."

Shaun Joseph Tavernier | IFBB Pro

"IFBB Pro and team DNA Lean® member Shaun Joseph Tavernier takes you through his full back workout."

Shaun Joseph Tavernier | IFBB Pro

"IFBB Pro and team DNA Lean member Kizzy Vaines training 1 week after the IFBB Toronto Pro super show 2014."

Kizzy Vaines | IFBB Pro

"IFBB fitness Pro and DNA Lean® sponsored athlete. Kizzy Vaines, hits the Toronto pro super show 2014. Check out her ultra lean conditioning and posing routine.

Kizzy Vaines | IFBB Pro

"DNA Lean® supplements are great for any athlete, sports person, or anyone who just wants to lose weight. I use DNA Lean® XY prior to working out to give me that extra edge with my mental focus and to also help boost my training intensity. I hope you like my workout."

Combo | Sheffield boxing champ and personal trainer

I use DNA Lean® as part of my healthy lifestyle. I take regular exercise, along with using DNA Lean® XX fat burners which have helped me reach my training and weight loss goals. Be it whether you are a professional athlete or just want to tone up and lose weight I recommend DNA Lean® for to everyone.

Lisa | Weight loss expert & fitness fanatic