Customer Service FAQ's

Question: How do I find out the status of my order?
Question: Where’s my stuff?
Question: When will you be back in stock?
Question: Can I order over the phone?
Question: Where can I get product advice?


You can quickly check the status of your order by logging into your account:
When you place your order and it is completed, the status of your order is automatically set to pending. This simply means that we have received your order and need to process it.

Providing the order is non-fraudulent, it will be packed and shipped according to the shipping service you selected on checkout. You will then be sent an auto-notification that your order has been dispatched, along with a clickable link detailing your tracking number.

To save confusion, check that you have allowed our emails to be sent directly to your inbox.
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If you haven’t received your delivery when you think you should have, you can check to see exactly where it is by clicking your tracking link in your shipment confirmation email.
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We sell our products on the basis on availability. Unlike some other online retailers, we don’t advertise an item for sale it it’s actually out of stock. We do not want to send you a disappointing email saying that there is a delay with your order.

If you click on a product that you wish to purchase, and you find that it is out of stock. To make it easy for you, we have added a “NOTIFY ME IN STOCK” button. Simply click the notify button, and then type your email address to receive an email notification once that item is back in stock.
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We don’t take telephone orders, however if for some reason you are having difficulty ordering online, you can call us on: 0845 8629928 and we do our best to assist you.
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On each of our product pages, you can find a bunch of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) regarding that product. If you have read these and still want to know more, simply call our customer support helpline.
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