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Hello all you fellow fitness and bodybuilding colleagues!
Kizzy here Back again with my 2nd blog as part of the ‘Team DNA Lean®’. Before I get started, I would like to welcome a good friend and athlete to the DNA Lean® Team – Shaun Joseph Tavernier. I wish him all the best for his future events as part of the team and I look forward to joining him in DNA future events, Body Power 2015 being just one of them.

Since my last blog, things have been a little dull for me as I broke my right foot. Crazy thing is I did it slipping off the decking step at home. I throw myself round the stage like a crazy person and end up breaking my foot on a step. “I know what fool”. It is an old injury, which I did do on stage dancing when I was 21 years old. I did it at the start of my routine and actually finished it with a fractured foot. I guess that’s where my determination started.Kizzy Vaines injured foot

I did however keep training this time with my injured foot ( against doctors advise, but they don’t understand the mindset of a champion). I just couldn’t do legs. My moon boot is off now and it’s time to start moving some fat. So DNA Lean® XX fat burners and DNA Lean® CLA are both at the ready and lets stoke up the fire.

I have also started working for myself, still hairdressing. I have had to start this with my injury, which I’m sure you all can imagine, hasn’t been easy! Yeah it gets better doesn’t it? I am hoping to adapt to this before my season starts again next year so fingers crossed, I can get established before then.

I am hoping to get an invite for the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio next year at the end of February. If not, I will be doing other qualifying shows (can’t say which ones until show dates have been released) in order to try and qualify for the IFBB Olympia next year. I will keep you posted on which shows I choose when I get the events list from the IFBB. I am looking forward to competing next year with having such a great team behind me with my sponsors DNA Lean® and my coach Miss Jeannie Ellam of Fitness Connection gym. Both these sponsors brought me in, in what everyone says was my best condition to date for the Toronto Pro show. Thank you to both of them for all their help and support. To compete against the top athletes in the world, you need the best people behind you.

I am just starting to get together a few ideas for my new routine for next year’s events. This is never a straight forward process for me as I feel being from The UK I like to stick mostly with English themes. This has proven difficult in the past especially when I was new to the scene because the older British tracks (puppet on a string by Sandie Shaw being one example) are not recognised in the States and the audience can’t seem to relate to this. So reactions on whether the routine was liked or not is not clear. So my husband and I get our heads together and try and find something to suit a variety of the audience.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog this month. I must apologise if I haven’t really talked much about my training but not a great deal has happened due to my foot injury, but hopefully next month will be different. That’s why I have kept up with as much gym time as possible so that I can jump straight into intense training now the boot is off. However, it does not stop there in our house, oh no!. My husband (Phil Vaines) has stepped up to the mark (with a little gentle persuasion from myself and Jeannie Ellam) and is competing in the amateur league in October of this year. So that is something else I will report to you at a later date. Good luck to Phil on his show too.

Finally, I must thank my sponsor DNA Lean® again for their support in my chosen career as an IFBB Fitness competitor. Their products are going to be a major contributor to my preparation for my shows next year and so is their backing and belief in me. Without people like these in the sport, athletes would fall short in the sport as we know it is not a sport backed or appreciated by any governing bodies. They are putting into the sport and not just taking out. DNA Lean® are athletes themselves and not just business people milking profits from something we put blood, sweat, tears, money and passion into. They want real people achieve real results and their products do just that! Thanks guys.

Until next time, keep strong and focused, oh! And injury free.
Kizzy x

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