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Hi there fitness fitties,

I hope that you are all training good and keeping in good health. Well I seem to be doing ok up to now with my injured foot (touch wood). I am back training full on now and it’s holding out pretty good. On saying that I have not yet tried dancing on it or practiced any routine on it . Time will tell I guess.
I spoke about me starting my new business before (hairdressing) and that is going reasonably well too. not up to 100% on clients yet but it’s getting there nice and steady.

I ventured up to the UKBFF show at Leeds in September and saw some good athletes up there. It was a really good turn out competitor wise which is always good to see. The sport is really picking up big time. Whilst I was up there I got to meet one of my DNA Lean team mates, Natasha Mcfarlane. What a lovely physique and great stage presence. Her posing was really good to see. Natasha is a lovely person too which is ,to me, one of the most important qualities of any athlete. It is great being part of a team that is made up with people like Natasha, dedicated, focused and pleasant.

It will not be long now until I send my application in for the Arnold, Columbus in March 2015. I am really hoping to get an invite to this now that I am part of the DNA Lean team and using there awesome products to help me prep for the competition. I want to aim to take the same package as I did at Toronto in June of this year. I am working again with the same team of guys that prepped me for that, Miss Jeannie Ellam and DNA Lean. So fingers crossed I get an invite. If I do,I should be starting my prep around beginning of November.

I have thought of an idea for my routine and I am having my music mixed by Aidan Davies. So I am looking forward to getting my head together with my husband and putting a routine into place.

Whilst I am awaiting to get my plans set for myself though, I am pushing my husband, Phil Vaines through his training for his competitions in October through to November. He too is under the watchful eye of Jeannie Elam. Phil is also using the DNA Lean fat burners and Amino XS BCAA intra workout drink, for all of his prep. We have to say that they are working extremely well for him too. Again we worked together and knocked his routine up for his free posing round, can’t wait to see that. I get him posing to all sorts from Elvis to Mr Bojangles, even latino music, ahah!. he’s too weak to argue with me I guess so he just gets on with it.

Well that’s it from me for now and I hope I have some news of my Arnold progress for you next time.

Take care
Kiz x

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