6 Of The Best Pre Workout Meals

Pre Workout Nutrition: 6 Of The Best Pre Workout Meals You Need To Know

February 28, 2017

The importance of pre workout nutrition for weight-lifting Many nutrition experts liken the body to a machine. Fuel is required for the body to function …

Fitness Connection Back Blast With Kev Taylor And PJ Boulders

Fitness Connection Back Blast

July 1, 2014

Ring Ring… Phones buzzing at 4.30 on Monday afternoon and it’s my sponsor Paul Jenkins of DNA LEAN. ‘Do ya fancy a workout tonight Kev, …

Natasha McFarlane hits the UKBFF Nationals

May 10, 2014

UKBFF body fitness 20th April 2014 Hey everyone! I hope you are all happy, healthy and keeping awesome! 🙂 Well April so far has been …

DNP is Hazardous to health

February 10, 2014

Is DNP a legitimate fat burner? DNP, chemically known as 2,4-Dinitrophenol has been dubbed by the media, a super potent fat burner. So what’s the …