Yoga And Meditation Aid Weight Loss
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Yoga & Meditation For Weight Loss 3 Facts You Really Need To Know

Statistics from various bodies, including the World Health Organistation, indicate that obesity is on the rise. Although there may be many different causes, the net outcome is the same; increased […]

19 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels
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19 Breakthrough Ways Proven To Increase Testosterone (NATURALLY)

Do you suffer from low testosterone? Are you tired of all the nonsense pills, medicines and online guides that promise the earth and deliver nothing? If so, you’ve come to […]

21 Of The Best Natural Fat Loss Tips
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Natural Fat Loss Tips: 24 Hacks That Actually Work (FAST)

Waging war against body fat is as challenging for your mind as it is for your body.  At times losing weight and belly fat may even seem impossible. Naturally and […]

6 Of The Best Pre Workout Meals
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Pre Workout Nutrition: 6 Of The Best Pre Workout Meals You Need To Know

The importance of pre workout nutrition for weight-lifting Many nutrition experts liken the body to a machine. Generally speaking, fuel is required for the body to function properly, but in […]

Vitamin D Increases Testosterone
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Vitamin D and its effects on hormones (TESTOSTERONE) and health

Scientists from many different fields of expertise and backgrounds are studying Vitamin D in an effort to understand the exact mechanisms and functions that this remarkable nutrient has on improving […]

Calorie Myths Debinked By Science
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Calorie Myths: 7 Scientific Facts Why Calorie Counting Is Inaccurate

The purpose of this blog is to debunk the calorie myths and highlight the true calorie facts using modern science. Now I wish to make one thing perfectly clear, especially […]

Hear The Latest From IFBB Pro Kizzy Vaines
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Hear the latest from Kizzy

Hi there fitness fitties, I hope that you are all training good and keeping in good health. Well I seem to be doing ok up to now with my injured […]

Natasha McFarlane Talks Training With DNA Lean
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Natasha McFarlane Talks Training & Competing

Hey everyone! I hope you are all fit, healthy and awesome! This month I’m on the last preparations to compete again and I’m really excited! I’m feeling great and feel […]

Hear The Latest From Kizzy Vaines
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The latest from Team DNA Lean® Kizzy Vaines

Hello all you fellow fitness and bodybuilding colleagues! Kizzy here Back again with my 2nd blog as part of the ‘Team DNA Lean®’. Before I get started, I would like […]

Fitness Connection Back Blast With Kev Taylor And PJ Boulders
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Fitness Connection Back Blast

Ring Ring… Phones buzzing at 4.30 on Monday afternoon and it’s my sponsor Paul Jenkins of DNA LEAN. ‘Do ya fancy a workout tonight Kev, i’m gonna be at Fitness […]

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